Founded in 2003, we are a mobile casual games developer and publisher based in Amman, Jordan, with HyperCasual studio in Leamington, Spa, UK. Our experienced and talented developers are committed to developing and publishing high-quality Casual and HyperCasual mobile games on Android and iOS platforms and offering players the best high-quality free to play mobile games.


We have a collaborative culture where team members are encouraged to speak their minds and be open about our company vision. Every week, there are all-hands on meetings to discuss and stand on our strategy.

In 2019, we started adapting OKR’s as our growth framework and confirmed transparency in fulfilling the company mission and vision.
We develop and publish games for iOS and Android.

We’re always looking for great new emerging markets, like Middle East, India and Latin America.

Our team is creative, innovative, and agile at keeping up with new project management methodologies and SCRUM certified since 2011.
We are proud that our team has 50% women in leading positions to confirm our commitment to representing women, diversity, and women’s place in the games industry.

Maysalward’s founder and CEO, native Jordanian Nour Khrais, was quick to recognize this underserved market. By creating high-quality content of cultural relevance to local players, Maysalward emerged as one of the first and most prominent developers and publishers in the region. The brand established its distribution channels and strategic partnerships through distribution channels and strategic alliances, thus setting both the brand and the marketplace for rapid growth.

However, to be a leading company in the gaming industry requires more than just introducing great products into the world. It requires building an ecosystem of local artists and developers to improve and grow the industry.

Under the umbrella of King Abdullah II Fund for Development (KAFD), our team involved in several grassroots activities that translate this belief into action. These activities include boot camps, developer events, and an annual gaming summit. Maysalward also manages the Jordann Gaming in different Jordanian cities: Amman, Irbid, Aqaba and Maan, Karak Zarqa. 


This collaboration with the King Abdullah II Fund for Development has led to the formation of a semi-annual App Challenge, which brings to light 14 to 16-year-old school students into the development of mobile games. Twelve waves of app challenges have been conducted since 2011 and training 3800+ students on coding, storytelling and game design.


In yet another educational initiative, Maysalward has teamed up with various sectors, such as The Jordan Children Museum and The Royal Tank Museum, the authors of Adam Wa Mishmish, and Royal Health Association building interactive health and educational games.

Since April 2020, Maysalward joined The World Health Organization (WHO) and Launched #PlayApartTogether to promote physical distancing during COVID-19 through games and in June 2020, we became part of The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) Special Interest Group (SIG) to help Indie game developers around the world.


In November 2020, Maysalward became an official member of the Women’s Empowerment Principles WEP’s global list of signatories

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