Unleashing the Power of Mobile Gaming: Dominoes Pro Tournament at Dubai Esports and Games Festival Raises the Bar

Dominoes Pro, the leading mobile game developed by Maysalward, has made history by successfully hosting a groundbreaking tournament as part of the highly anticipated Dubai Esports & Games Festival organized by Dubai Festivals & Retail Establishment (DFRE). From June 1st to June 24th, the tournament captivated over 20,000 players from around the globe, establishing itself as a premier competition in the mobile gaming community.

Organized collaboratively by Maysalward and the Dubai Esports & Games Festival, the Dominoes Pro tournament showcased its supremacy by bringing together passionate players, skilled professionals, and enthusiastic gaming enthusiasts under one roof. This exceptional eSports event highlighted the immense potential of the mobile games as part of eSports, propelling the industry into a new era of competitive gaming.

An exclusive level dedicated to the vibrant city of Dubai was intricately crafted within the Dominoes Pro game, providing players with an immersive experience from the start of their journey on June 1st. Throughout the tournament, competitors demonstrated their strategic prowess, mental acuity, and sportsmanship as they engaged in intense multiplayer classical domino battles.

The tournament’s climax saw the top two finalists engaging in a thrilling head-to-head final game, live on stage in Dubai. Spectators were treated to an electrifying showdown as these skilled players showcased their mastery of Dominoes Pro, leaving no domino’s tile unturned in their pursuit of victory.

“The Dominoes Pro tournament at the Dubai Games and eSports Festival has been an overwhelming success, signifying the rising popularity of mobile gaming in the eSports industry,” commented Ahmed Al Khaja, CEO of Dubai Festivals & Retail Establishment, “We are delighted to have collaborated with Maysalward in hosting this prestigious tournament, and we have witnessed the exceptional talent displayed by the participants. This tournament not only underscored the competitiveness of the game but also further solidified Dubai’s position as a global hub for eSports.”


 Nour KHRAIS, CEO of Maysalward, added, “The success of the Dominoes Pro tournament marks a significant milestone in the evolution of eSports. We take immense pride in running such a prestigious tournament within our popular Dominoes Pro game, where players were transported to a special level set in the iconic city of Dubai. This tournament has not only showcased the exceptional talent of the participants but has also solidified Dominoes Pro as a force to be reckoned with in the eSports community.”

The spirited competition and global participation in the Dominoes Pro tournament epitomized the universal appeal and accessibility of mobile gaming. As players from diverse countries engaged in captivating games, they transcended borders and connected through their shared passion for this engaging classical game.

“Partnering with the Dubai Esports Festival has been instrumental in ensuring the success of this tournament,” added  Nour KHRAIS. “Together, we have provided a game where aspiring and professional players can showcase their skills and compete globally. This partnership has paved the way for the future of eSports, and we eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with Dubai Games and eSports festival to propel the industry in the MENA region to even greater heights.”

The successful collaboration between Studio Maysalward, a pioneer in the mobile gaming industry, and the Dubai Games and Esports Festival has solidified the commitment to elevating the eSports industry in the region and beyond.


About Maysalward:
Maysalward is a leading mobile game development company specializing in creating innovative and engaging gaming experiences.

About the Dubai Esports Festival:
The Dubai Esports Festival is a prominent eSports event that brings together gaming enthusiasts and professionals from around the world to celebrate the thriving eSports industry. The festival offers a platform for players to compete, connect, and showcase their skills on a global stage.