Dominoes Pro is a kind of draw domino game for 2 or 4 players.


A standard set of dominos (a double-six set) with 28 tiles used to play the game.

If You are Playing 2 Players, then Each player takes seven bones, each at random, and Leave the rest of the dominoes on the table. You will still need them as they will form your Boneyard. 


 If you are playing Dominoes Pro with four players, each player takes seven dominoes each and no Boneyard.

As in most games, there are different ways to determine who goes first. In this game, usually, the player with the highest double goes first by placing that domino on the table.


The next player must connect to that domino by playing a domino with a similar count. For example, if the first player played 6-6, the next player must play a domino that has six on one end.


If the player doesn’t have a suitable domino to play, they keep “drawing” dominoes from the selection of unused dominoes until they find one they can play. Hence, the name “draw dominoes,” and if you are playing four players and don’t have the proper bone, the players pass their turn.

If there are no more unused bones left to draw from, and the player still can’t play, they can pass their turn, and the next player goes.


The game ends when a player uses all of their dominoes or when the game is blocked, and none of the players can make a play.


Now it is time to score the game. Each player adds up the dots on all of their remaining bones. The player who used up all their dominoes collects those points. If the game ended “blocked” and no player used all their dominoes, the player with the fewest points remaining wins that round and collects the points (minus any positions they have remaining).


You can play until any player reaches a predetermined score, for example, 100 or 250 points, or you can play rounds 1, 6, 12, or 20 rounds.


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