People played video games with everyday objects such as rocks, like the traditional mancala or five stones games at the beginning of time.


Think of card games that have existed for many years, including Solitaire, Trix, Tarneeb, Bridge, Go Fish, and ًwar. Card games have captivated people for a very long time, and they are still being played today. Some household card games include UNO and Phase 10, and some newer board games like Monopoly, Cluedo, and scrabble.


These days you can play games on your mobile anytime, anywhere.
You can challenge other players too, which makes the mobile online video games challenging in addition to fun.

Games are still a fantastic way to invest in free time. Each person who enjoys games has their favorites. Not all of them, including those deemed classics, are addictive video games, but the ones you’re going to stay up playing until the early morning hours or the ones you’re going to get broken through a lot of use.


Mobile games are a phenomenon that reflects our mobile-based society.
Nearly every mobile game is provided downloadable and generally free on the app stores.

Mobile video games have grown in ease of access and popularity so that they and those playing them represent a real subculture in our modern world.


Not just teenagers and children likewise an ever-increasing variety of grownups play mobile games and impresses their friend with their high scores.


Mobile video games have become a respectable pastime for gathering along with for playing.

Of course, there are growing online mobile game communities where members can meet face-to-face to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of their preferred games and winning techniques.


There are numerous online publications and sites aimed at the customer of mobile video games that highlight launched games, complete with evaluations and commentaries identifying trends for the advancement of brand-new video games.

The Mobile games industry grows around us and becomes in 2020 a 78 billion-dollar market, a subculture, and a virtual life method for many.

The recent mobile games are more like console games; some are even better than P.C. games. So, mobile games are becoming more and more mainstream, and some mobile gamers even prefer playing on their phones than their P.C.s, and I am one of them.


More and more people are playing games on their mobile phones. With the increased processing power in mobile phones, it is no wonder that mobile games are emerging as the most crucial revenue generator in the video game industry. Mobile games have the advantage of catering to a broad audience, as people of all ages and with different interests play mobile games. As technology improves and mobile phones become more powerful, mobile games will become the most crucial revenue generator in the video game industry.


The growth of new game genre trends the Hyper casual games helps developers exploit mobile gaming addiction. Games like Candy Crush and other simple casual games are no longer satisfying to mobile gamers. They are looking for a game that is easy to start and hard to master. The hypercasual game concept is to make a short, simple, and addictive gaming experience; they started to see popularity in 2017 by game makers such as Homagames, Tapnation, Ketchapp, and Voodoo.

Players in this gameplay for short periods and have small game levels.

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