Deep in Saudi Arabia’s NEOM, a symbol of ambition and innovation, a novel stage has been set for budding game creators to redefine the future contours of the gaming industry. The NEOM Game Dev Challenge is a powerful testament to unwavering aspiration and relentless innovation, reflecting the ethos that NEOM itself embodies.


NEOM, the futuristic city springing from the arid heartland of Saudi Arabia, signifies unbounded aspiration, pioneering progress, and forward-thinking. This game dev challenge melds seamlessly with NEOM’s vision, providing an extraordinary platform for emerging game developers to intertwine their creative sparks with the city’s avant-garde ideals.

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Before the participants set foot on their metamorphic journey in the NEOM Game Dev Challenge, over 140 students assembled for Orientation Day.

This challenge was ignited with an electrifying Orientation Day, where a kaleidoscopic confluence of high school enthusiasts aged 15 to 17 convened in Riyadh. Riyadh was selected as the launch pad for this initiative, with visions for future outreach to other Saudi Arabian cities. These young trailblazers were steadfast in their resolve to be instrumental in shaping the nascent gaming industry of Saudi Arabia.

Driven by an authentic enthusiasm for gaming, these students embarked on an enthralling odyssey to create their bespoke mobile games. They plunged into an all-encompassing five-day workshop, gaining indispensable skills in game dynamics, coding, graphic design, and narrative crafting through gaming. As each day dawned, their repository of knowledge and proficiency swelled, giving birth to many original game concepts and polished prototypes.

Maysalward, boasting over two decades of experience building a self-sustained mobile game studio and a dozen years devoted to training and capacity building, is courageously stepping into the Saudi gaming ring in alliance with NEOM. Their profound expertise and passion for the gaming industry are priceless assets to this challenge. They act as mentors and navigators to aspiring game developers, offering invaluable insights and support.

As the competition unfolds, we eagerly await how these talented developers translate their ideas into reality. The NEOM Game Dev Challenge is a tribute to the potency of creativity, technology, and innovation. It offers a sneak peek into the thrilling future of game development, where the gaming industry’s future is in the capable hands of Saudi Arabia’s young visionaries.

NEOM Game Dev Challenge

The NEOM Game Dev Challenge represents a dynamic interplay of youthful ingenuity and the future of gaming. As these emerging game developers teeter on the brink of showcasing their imaginative work to a panel of distinguished judges, they embody a fusion of exhilaration and anxiety. Their hard-earned expertise and the vast potential of their games are set to mesmerize the judges and shape the gaming industry’s future.

Stay tuned as we continue to follow the remarkable progress of this challenge and witness the evolution of these visionary game developers. The NEOM Game Dev Challenge is more than a competition; it’s a testament to the power of creativity and innovation. It offers a glimpse into the exciting future of game development in Saudi Arabia.