Seeing Beyond Sight: Breaking Barriers and Unleashing Potential

Seeing Beyond Sight: Breaking Barriers and Unleashing Potential

Working in today’s diverse work environment means teams comprise individuals with unique backgrounds and abilities. Embracing these differences can foster creativity and innovation. As a testament to this, I want to share our experience from the first week working with a visually impaired team member who recently joined us.


Mohammad’s arrival to our team has brought us great joy! He will now play a vital role as a member of the Maysalward Development team Trainers and collaborate with other team members on the training activities we’ve been conducting as a technical partner to the Jordan Gaming Lab since 2011 with the support of the King Abdullah II Fund for development, which aims to enhance capacity building programs.


He’s made quite a fantastic impression in just his first week here—it truly is extraordinary how he has adapted despite losing his vision in an accident 12 years ago. 


Our company emphasizes creating an environment of support and meaningful opportunities for all employees, and this hasn’t wavered for Mohammad. We’re committed to equipping him with the necessary resources to ensure he succeeds in his new role. His joining has undoubtedly been a reason to celebrate: it’s inspiring to witness his courage in overcoming adversity and shining a light even in the darkest of times. 


As the founder and CEO of Maysalward, I am immensely proud of my team’s dedication to ensuring that Mohammad’s integration into our team was smooth and quick. Their attention to detail during his onboarding process was impressive and a testament to their commitment to inclusion.


The journey towards inclusion and accessibility began at Maysalward Team several months ago when we conducted our first training session at the Jordan gaming lab for people with disabilities. Although we’ve always wanted to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace for everyone, we realized we weren’t quite ready to take on this challenge alone. That’s why we partnered with Brain Keys Jordan, an organization specializing in developing cognitive abilities and working with individuals with disabilities. Thanks to their assistance, our team was quickly prepared to embark on this significant journey toward fostering inclusivity through capacity training. As a technical partner with the Jordan Gaming Lab, we promote and cater now to people with health conditions or impairments.




During a flight to the USA with a group of Jordanians heading to SXSW Austin, I overheard two delegation members discussing the need to find a job for a visually-impaired individual. I offered to bring this request to Maysalward’s attention. They sent me Mohammad’s CV, and I asked the team, with the assistance of Dr. Ihab from Brain Keys, to interview him and assess his fitness for the company. Additionally, we evaluated if we were prepared to accommodate his needs, and it was a new and eye-opening experience for everyone involved in this sequence of interviews that ended with a positive GO to have Moh’d with us.


Mohammad joined us on June 1st, and within a week, he revolutionized our perspectives entirely. His unwavering enthusiasm and dedication to work have shown us that challenges and disabilities should not be hindrances. He reminds us that creativity knows no bounds and that every person, regardless of their disabilities, has limitless potential. His determination and spirit inspire us, and it has sparked our empathy. We now firmly believe that limitations are insignificant when one is determined and innovative.


When Mohammad joined our team, we wanted him to feel welcomed and included. We adjusted our workplace so that it would be more accessible for him. Even though we don’t have technology like screen readers or braille displays, we gave him lots of support to help him adjust. Our whole team worked together to introduce him to our company and the gaming industry. We even started having him with our ideation process of games. We aimed to create a workspace that celebrates everyone’s strengths and talents.


In just two weeks, Mohammad has left a lasting impact on our team with an inspirational story that we are fortunate to be a part of. His enthusiastic and thought-provoking ideas have encouraged us to explore new and imaginative concepts in game design, igniting a newfound level of creativity and innovation within our group.


When we first welcomed Mohammad to our team, he seemed to think we were doing him a favor by giving him a chance to work with us despite his visual impairment. But we quickly realized that it was the opposite – Mohammad’s spirit and determination brought back a sense of importance and purpose to many of us on the team. Seeing him tackle challenges head-on and overcome them with grace and resilience made us all feel inspired and empowered to be better versions of ourselves. Mohammad’s presence on our team has reminded us of the value of inclusivity and people’s incredible abilities, no matter their limitations.


Calling for Increased Corporate Inclusivity in Jordan: While we celebrate the inclusion of Mohammad, our visually impaired team member, at Maysalward, we also recognize that progress lies in creating a more inclusive landscape beyond our organization. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to extend a heartfelt shoutout to all corporations in Jordan and beyond, urging them to prioritize inclusivity in their hiring practices. We understand that it may not always be easy for individuals with disabilities to navigate the job market and secure meaningful employment. However, we must challenge the barriers and biases that exist. By embracing diversity and providing equal opportunities for all, we can tap into an immense talent pool and foster an environment that thrives on inclusivity. 


To the corporate leaders and decision-makers, I encourage you to reevaluate your recruitment strategies, ensuring they are inclusive and accessible to individuals with disabilities. Implementing accessible application processes, offering reasonable accommodations during interviews, and providing support systems within the workplace are crucial steps toward creating an inclusive environment. 


Moreover, I urge organizations to invest in employee awareness and sensitivity training. 


By understanding and appreciating the diverse abilities and perspectives that individuals with disabilities bring, we can cultivate a workplace culture that values and respects everyone. Let us join hands and strive towards a future where everyone, regardless of their challenges, is given an equal opportunity to showcase their talents and contribute meaningfully to their chosen field. Together, we can create an inclusive society that not only benefits individuals with disabilities but also enriches our organizations, fostering innovation, creativity, and a sense of shared responsibility. 


Mohammad is a truly inspiring person. His positive energy and resilience have significantly impacted our team at Maysalward. We’re reminded that the challenges we face every day are small compared to what Mohammad has overcome. His determination and unwavering optimism have given us a fresh perspective and renewed resilience. We’re now able to appreciate small victories and find strength in adversity. Mohammad’s positivity is infectious and has uplifted our spirits. He’s become a beacon of hope, reminding us to focus on what matters and find joy in the simplest moments. We’re so grateful for Mohammad and what he’s taught us about gratitude, resilience, and staying positive. Thanks to his example, we’re embracing challenges as opportunities for growth and living with an unwavering spirit of optimism.



 By working together, we can break down barriers and foster diversity—an important reminder for entrepreneurs and business owners alike. We intentionally created a welcoming environment for Mohammad and are already seeing positive results. Let’s continue to prioritize the value of diversity and inclusion in our workplaces!

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