ShaqDown 2 Jordan Launch & Zain Jo Publishing Alliance

Today at the ShaqDown 2 Launch event in Jordan and with the support of Zain Jo, a strategic alliance was announced between Maysalward & Zain.  

The alliance will take indie game developers and companies to the next level to compete in the ever increasing competitive mobile game market.   Design, Technical & Marketing Support will be provided in addition to access to high powered devices, commercial development licenses & co-working space.  The ecosystem being offered will aim to cooperate, promote, up & cross-sell between all players.    Maysalward & Zain Alliance will work towards publishing the games locally, regionally & worldwide game market.  

The games are about to begin. Ready  …. Go …..

Zain Jo Publishing Alliance
Zain & Maysalward Publishing Alliance

   During the event, Indie Developers showcased their games ranging from casual to mid-core games.


Indie Developer Showcase Indie Developer Showcase

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