Ding Dang Maysalward

Remember Ball, Donkey Kong Jr, Green House, Turtle Bridge, and Fire games? Did you play them on a small LCD Handheld? If you did! Then you should admit that you are an 80’s-90’s Kid. Don’t worry! Old is Gold.


The Game & Watch brand released and marketed by Nintendo from 1980 to 1991 came out with titles that introduced the world to portable gaming, changing gameplay from a bulky experience to be truly mobile.


It’s been 40 long years since Game & Watch Ball was launched, and mobile gaming became more popular throughout the decade.
To celebrate with nostalgic fun! Our clumsy but brave Ding & Dang heroes decided to help the firemen in the firefighters’ mobile game.


Ready to Play & Stop The Fire?

Download the game and start enjoying the retro arcade gameplay experience with a simplicity that makes this game so addictive. Download Here

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