Can you Fifty using three disks?

We are proud to announce the release of  our latest iOS® title, ‘50’. Behind its unique and very short name lies a simplistic but very addicting game in which the objective is to achieve a perfect score of 50 points. Inspired by a very old popular game from days gone by, a game that history calls ‘Shuffleboard’, it was originally a game in which players used a broom-shaped paddle to push weighted pucks, sending them gliding down a narrow and elongated court, with the purpose of having them come to rest within a marked scoring area.


‘50’, just released on the app store is available as a FREE download for the Apple iPhone® and the Apple iPad® in a special HD version. In it, you have three discs at your disposal, and it is your task to achieve a perfect score of 50 points with the least amounts of discs. Can you score 50 points on your first disc? Or do you need two or even three discs? To play, you gently slide the discs down the deck with great precision to land on the points you need, and with practice and experience, you will quickly become better at playing. Introductory levels are straightforward to complete, but on later levels your discs will rebound on obstacles blocking your path.

Are you ready to become addicted to ‘50’? How many perfect strikes can you get? Download for FREE today and find out!

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