New Unity and iOS Team Members wanted

We’re looking for smart, creative, passionate people to join us in the following openings:

Unity & iOS Developers wanted:

We are looking for talented, driven and ambitious individuals that will be given the exciting opportunity to be a core part of our Team.

You must have a true passion for your work and be able to bring new ideas and thoughts to every project.

This is a full-time, salaried position with an amazing opportunity to grow with the company.

Unity Developers:

2 years of experience in Unity Engine.

2 years of C# programming experience.

Strong understanding and knowledge of programming design patterns and object-oriented architecture in both 2D and 3D Environments.

Strong understanding of database structures

Strong analytical & problem-solving skills.

iOS Developers

Must have strong knowledge and familiarity with developing for the iOS platforms, including knowledge of Objective-C and iPhone SDK

• Must have experience working on the full process of building an iPhone game, from concept to finished product

• A current application, game and/or utility for the iPhone in the App store

  • Track record for taking innovative approaches to solve challenges associated with designing reliable and maintainable games

Pluses for both Job Posts:

• Experience with OpenGL ES

• Experience with Box2D, Chipmunk, or other physics libraries

  • Experience with PHP and MYSQL
  •  An understanding of both front end and back end development

If you are interested in applying for the position:

• Send a resume

• Describe yourself and why you think you’d be great for this job in your e-mail

• Provide a link to any games or applications you may have created and/or to your portfolio

Send to :

2 thoughts on “Careers

  • Zena AL-Jaghbeer

    Dear Mr / Madam,
    Good day.

    I recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from AL-Balqaa Applied University.
    After I graduated I registered Java course SE7 & SEE in Pioneer academy.
    I am able to create desktop application and web application

    As you are in search of candidates who have great skills, I am able to fulfill your requirements and get new rich experience.

    I am very interested to join This Company As an energetic Java Developer, so I would like to meet with you and talk about my qualifications and skills, and possibility of joining the team .

    My CV is attached and thank you for your time and consideration.

    Kind Regards,
    Zena AL-Jaghbeer

  • I’m passionate about Mobile gaming industry with +3 years experience in product management specialized in live ops, I’ve worked on 5 products targeting Mena region, and owner of 3 strategy Mobile games, I transform under development products into products that attracts the attention of Mena players through localisation and desirable features, I optimize my products through data analysis, experiments, daily communications with developers, and focusing on User centered design, I also create storyboards and script for a catchy game promotional videos, I know the community, and player behaviors of different Arab regions of mobile games, what I like the most about my Job is the diversity of my tasks and seeing good results from applied changes

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