Did you miss MWC 2012?

Since my first Mobile World Congress MWC (formerly called GSM) in 1999 -Cannes and up to this year show in Barcelona and every year I wonder about the role of technology in our lives and if it is helping us to connect ( Finding your Old friends on Facebook )or turning us into an emotionless people ( We stopped sending postcards when travelling and the only SMS)?
For me technology is FUN ☺ , a way we develop ourselves but sometimes looking to my technological behaviors I start to pose this question. GOOD or NO GOOD ☺

Leaving my Philosophical side and just summarizing the major things I can share from the Mobile World Congress this Year.

1- Weather was perfect. No Rain and Warm Sun the whole week. It was a relief compared to Witty 2011 .. You can enjoy going from Hall to another..
2- More than 64,000 Attendees. You can feel it that the numbers are big this year compared to previous years. Crowded people everywhere.
3- Pick up your badge at the airport. Beside the usual Badge pick up and fast track areas this year you were able to pick up your badge in the airport.
4- No more security on every Hall to check your badges. You got verified once on the Main Door and then you are all clear.
5- Free Internet connection was offered but it was weak. Funny for a Telecom congress and they cannot handle the load. Also the Mobile network was always congested and hardly you can pick up or do a call?
6- PayPal payment was available in the Restaurant in front of Hall 7. You can Scan Items and then pay using your PayPal account.
7- Most visited Spot is in front C-Boss.. Of course because they always bring best technology ☺
8- Google Zone was similar to last year except the IceCream Sandwiches they were offering. They were extremely delicious.
9- Mobile operators from the Arab World were exhibiting inside the MWC zone. Etisalat , Zain and Qtel were all exhibiting. Few Technology Companies from Arabic were exhibiting too. Etisalat Official Sponsor for Barcelona was the Welcome Sign on the Main Gate.
10- The Egypt ON Booth was excellent too.. Good number of Attendees from Arab World and you can find most of them at night in the Shisha Shop Khaliji .
11- Nokia is Back. A huge wonderful area and a nice setup. As you all know last year we missed them but this year they welcomed us with an extraordinary way. I liked the way they humbly hosted people within their areas. I loved the new Nokia 808 with 41 Megapixel Camera .. Can not wait for the release this year.. Fairly Big Like for Nokia and the wonderful team around the different Demo Stands.

12- Technology, Cloud Computing and new Android Devices were Major in addition to Payment and Mobile Wallets. No Major innovation in Content or Value added services.
13- Nice Night Show with the flying Balloon Lady. The Dancing Fountain and the music all with the nice popcorn and Free drinks accompanied people for 2 nights.
14- Samsung were demoing their new Galaxy Note by drawing cartoon sketches live. Even they had a big Stand outside the MWC in the middle of Cataluña square. They were printing the photo later on a T-Shirt.
15- Demonstration was a new flavor. One of the Demonstrations was against the MWC. They were shouting to kick us OUT.Another BIG HUGE Demonstration was the third day but this time against the government because they are cutting education budget. So Young people in the morning blocked everywhere and their parents in the evening .. A Real HUGE one. But this is Democracy.
16- Our Chinese Friends Huawei,ZTE,HTC…etc were exhibiting and as always more significant than the year before.. Huawei built a Pegasus from 3500 device..
17- Fira De Barcelona Gran Via will be the new Area to host the 2013 . The MWC will move there and it will be closer to the airport.

Until 2013 enjoy the rest of the Technology year.

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