Hakem Jalad now online from Maysalward!

If this phrase takes you back to the times at school when you used to play Hakem Jalad in class rooms, breaks, playgrounds, or in the streets of your neighbourhood, you must play this version of Hakem Jalad on Facebook.

Hakem Jalad is a very well known childhood game in the MENA region and especially in Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon & Syria. Its a local simple version of Clue or Cludo.

The game is usually for four players, but you can add a 5th and even 6th player for distraction. Each player chooses one of the four folded papers; Judge, Inspector, Thief and the Executioner.

The Judge says: “Where’s the Inspector?” the Inspector should reply: “Me.” and then the Governor replies: “Find your Thief and Executioner.” The Inspector should guess the Thief and Executioner from the other two players; if the Inspector guesses right, the Judge sets and orders the Executioner to hit the Thief with a number of hits using the ruler, otherwise the Inspector will have the hits instead.

 We highly recommend Hakem Jalad for those who loves to go back in time to their childhood.

 Update : For playing Hakem Jalad, Now available on Google Store

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