Mobile Games Help Relax The Brain

A recent study by a team at the University of Central Florida has revealed that mobile games are an effective way to relax your mind and reload it in view of new hours to devote to work.

There were 66 people who decided to take part in this study, and the researchers asked them to use a computer to perform repetitive and boring operations, specially designed to tire the cognitive networks of their brains.

So, the time came for a break, the participants were divided into three groups: the first one could use a mobile game (Sushi Cat 2), the second was silent and without access to smartphones, the third one was Dedicated to relaxation exercises.

Well, the group that turned out to be more ready and rested was the one that devoted itself to mobile gaming while the members of the other two have manifested various small disturbances.

If your boss needs to touch your smartphone, so now you have a new excuse to try: you are recharging your brain batteries.


On – 28 Jul, 2017 By Duncan Nagle

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