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Today, Mobile video games are part of our culture and will remain.


The mobile game has ended up being an entertainment and social connection platform from the different casual genres of mobile games to the sophisticated gameplay advancements, and the coronavirus outbreak testimony this reality with around a 10% uplift in organic impressions and installs. According to a recent report from analytics firm Newzoo, this growth will take the market into a $200bn forecast by 2023.

For many of us, mobile games are an escape from reality, stress, passing off time, and a good distraction from everything happening.

The Mobile game industry is a growing, multi-billion-dollar business that dominates 51% of the total global gaming industry revenue. Newzoo forecast that Mobile Games will generate revenues of $77.2bn in 2020, representing year-on-year (y-o-y) growth of 13.3%.

As an outcome, it is no surprise why so many PCs and Console video game studios are shifting more of their development efforts into mobile games.

COVID-19 has accelerated consumer engagement with mobile games; This is why much of video game companies wish to get their hands on the device and shifted towards mobile game development and publishing recently.

The increasing need for mobile video games will require much better game design and more appealing artwork. Mobile devices continue to improve every year, and the players tend to get the latest smartphones, and related gaming accessories, too.

Therefore, Mobile gamers anticipate more each time they download the games. 

Consequently, the pressure will not be only on mobile studios to produce amazing games and telecom companies to offer reliable game streaming services and push ahead 5G networks.

Producing a Free to Play mobile game that generates revenue and provides fun is not a simple job. The life of a mobile game developer is not all fun. Those who go into video game development frequently do so since it is their passion.

Luckily, passion is considered the fuel to drive success in mobile game development, and Data Science and Analytics are the octane boosters.

As Benjamin Franklin once said:

“If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.”

If you go into mobile game development, you can likewise expect to face some challenges. With hundreds of mobile games released daily, the success rates are lower, but it is not impossible to thrive your way into success.

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