The Entrepreneurs Swiss Knife

Entrepreneurs are the dreamer of the future, they are risk-takers, and they show resistance for failing. Those are some specific entrepreneurial characteristics a person must have to be successful in the entrepreneurial Journey.  But the question that is always rising; can anyone be a successful entrepreneur?

Here, I will try to explore with you the most common denominators in the life of Entrepreneurs.

Pertinacity: The world of entrepreneurship is packed with both success and failure. An essential valid quality of Entrepreneurs is the perseverance to continue pursuing their objectives despite the setbacks and obstacles they may come across on their endeavor.

Reliance: Armed with confidence in a world of business that is extremely competitive and has no place for the half-hearted people.

They keep spotting and observing new patterns around them that could lead to business opportunities; they grow their creative imagination to remain ahead of their competitors.

The willpower and self-discipline, poised with the preparing procedure, and dealing with others, help to dig themselves out of a hole when the shit hits the fan.

The ability to make use of their creative strengths is an exceptional quality of an entrepreneur.

Shrewdness:Their vision for the future underlines that they must always be prepared to make calculated risks and live their S.W.O.T analysis.

Their hard work and determination flow in their blood vessels and this deep-rooted sharpness help them to accomplish the objective of their businesses and create their own motivational-techniques fortress.

Sincerity: Honoring the truth and strengthening their DNA with trust in all their business negotiations and social relationships– whether it is in between service partners, investors, peers, and staff members.

Architect: At the start, it is vital for them to prepare and plan short, medium and long-term strategies that they continuously refer to, update, and build performance schemes around it. Their ability to plan long-term success is a crucial characteristic of their survival.

Socius: They are Networking and socializing gurus going out and about matching themselves with like-minded individuals where they promote their business, consolidate their vision, and build a think tank with their network to keep inspired and to inspire.

: Positivity is their bread and butter. Successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with joyful, inspiring, and provocative people to support and drive their motivation ego. They are compassionate people despite the competitiveness in their entrepreneurial venture where they always show sympathy and concern for others.

Many Entrepreneurs are affected by the highs and lows of the emotional rollercoaster that the journey brings but with cheerful mindset they are capable of digging themselves out of the depths of any anguished circumstances.

The author of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Peter Ferdinand Drucker, says that anybody can find out how to be an entrepreneur, that it is “methodical work.” But there is a distinction between discovering how to be entrepreneurial and prospering as an entrepreneur.

Do you believe you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

When you ensure to have the above mentioned entrepreneurial qualities, then you have what it requires to be successful.

Continue pursuing your goals despite the obstacles and barriers that you may experience on your way to the top as a successful entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is not only about creating startups, setting up and running businesses. Also, the change can come from inside the company by leading and proposing innovative ideas and plans. This creates what we call the  “intrapreneur” spirit inside the operation. 

Written and suggested by Nour KHRAIS
Founder & CEO Maysalward

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