The old school Arcade Gaming

The world of video gaming will soon hands on the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox as the 5, and Series X are warming up. With those technological beasts, a leap towards the next generation of Gaming will happen. In the Presence of Strong Mobile Video Gaming and devices that match PC gaming capabilities and the world is not Ralph H. Baer “Brown Box” anymore.

Talking from the day I was born in 1977, Atari effectively launched a gaming system that almost everyone desired and became the most popular and the most excellent selling video gaming systems worldwide. Until the early 90s, they managed to captivate young and old alike—Atari games designed to make you wish to play their video games repeatedly.

The company manufactured its own devices and developed their games in-house, creating a whole new industry around the arcade.
The release and spread of Atari Video Computer System or VCS (later known as the Atari 2600) in the 80s encouraged gaming communities and publications that catered to serve both developers and consumers.

Despite the unrefined graphics Atari games offered to the players compared to the 2D and 3D advanced graphics consoles are offering today, the video game lovers attempt to play them all. The cartridges flew off the shelves of stores worldwide in no time after their releases.

Individuals like me who grew up in the Atari age looks for the old gaming titles and still enjoy playing games like Pac-Man, Asteroids, Missile Command, and other popular titles Atari produced.

Today, and despite the company’s turbulences in the past years, they still a reliable name and active video game developer
producing games for other popular gaming consoles out in the market such as steam, Smartphones, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox.

With the various kinds of games that Atari produces, you can be sure that you will never lack simplicity, fun, and quality.

Atari video games are available for download from the App stores, and players can enjoy them on their Smartphones. However, if you want to play with games from Atari 70s and 80s, buy an Atari gaming console and few of the old cartridges and enjoy.

Today’s not only the quality of video games that appeal for the players but also the game accessories, marketing, and social media buzz around the launch of video game titles.

The appeal of video games is a staple of our culture and looks like though it’s going to remain. From the different genres of mobile video games to the complex stories and character advancements, console games have ended up being an entity that spans generations of players.

by : Nour KHRAIS Founder and CEO Maysalward