We just love Trix!

Trix is one of the most popular games in the MENA region, this cards game is usually played in cafes, gatherings, and hangouts. Trix is played by four people using a 52-card pack without jokers, to begin the session, the cards are shuffled, cut and dealt out to the four players, so that each player has 13 cards, the player who is dealt the 7 of hearts in this first deal will “own the kingdom”. This player chooses which contract will be played. The contracts or the “kingdoms” are;

Sheikh Koobbah (King of Hearts)
The player who takes the trick containing the king of hearts scores minus 75 points. It is illegal to lead a heart unless you have nothing but hearts in your hand.
Dinari (diamonds)
Each card of the diamond suit taken in a trick counts scores 10 points. When a trick contains diamonds, the diamonds are kept face up in front of the winner of the trick, so that everyone can see what diamonds have been taken by whom.
Banat (“Queens”)
Each queen taken in a trick scores minus 25 points. Queens are stored face up in front of the winner of the trick in which they were played.
Eltoosh (“slapping”), or Collection
Each trick taken scores minus 15 points.
Players try to get rid of their cards as soon as they by playing them to a layout, which begins with the jacks, and continues upwards in each suit to the ace and downwards to the two.
The dealer begins and play continues counter-clockwise. At your turn you must play one card if you can. After 20 deals, when all four players have completed their kingdoms by choosing all five contracts, the game is over. The final scores indicate the result – the players with positive scores win by that amount, and the players with negative scores lose similarly.


Maysalward – Live the Game developed Trix on platforms like Apple iOS and  Android Play Store, and just recently we issued a Trix version for the brand new BlackBerry Z10, and online on Facebook.

Play Trix for free from Maysalward through the following links:


Trix Apple iOS



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  • Trix player

    please why you dont provide Trix game for Android??
    we also have beautiful devices such as galaxy s4 and htc one x 🙂

  • Trix player

    you’ve posted that Trix is supported for Android but no download link and not found at google play store O_o

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  • Trix player

    Thank you very much for providing games for ANDROID i’ll strongly buy it from the market
    ~~~ THANK YOU ~~~

  • Trix player

    But is it fair that all other OSes download it for free (even nokia O_o) and we have to purchase??!! we respect your comapny’s privacy

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