Women in gaming a necessity, not a nicety.

Women in gaming a necessity, not a nicety

In recent years, video gaming has grown in popularity, and women are now a part of the gaming community. These female gamers create their niche in the market and have begun to impact the gaming industry. Diversity and inclusion are among the most critical aspects of a company, especially in a mobile game studio.

Diversity and inclusion have been a hot topic in the world of video gaming for years. Research has shown that games with more diverse casts of characters perform better both creatively and commercially.

According to a study from the University of Southern California, games with various characters outperform their more homogeneous sales counterparts.


Recent research has found that games with diversified character representations enjoy higher review scores because they tired of seeing themselves represented as marginalized or tokenized.

A diverse and inclusive workforce is a valuable asset to any company. There is a deep pool of talent from which to draw, and with a diverse workforce, businesses open themselves up to new perspectives and ideas.


Companies with various leadership teams are more likely to succeed. Employees report being more engaged and less likely to leave their jobs when they work for an inclusive employer.

They are the foundation of any successful company, and they work to deliver the results that managers and executives want. In other words, innovation and Diversity combine at the hip of a thriving organization. If you are looking for ways to encourage more innovation in your company, nurturing a diverse workforce is a great place to start.

By bringing in different ideas and backgrounds, more of you can bring your product to market and become more competitive in your industry.


Business leaders worldwide recognize the benefits of a diverse workforce and view it as an organizational strength, not a slogan or regulatory compliance. A few studios like “Maysalward” have started to take some steps in the right direction by supporting initiatives like “Women in Gaming” events or adding more diverse employees to their teams.

This diversity initiative is not always easy, but it is a step in the right direction. New research provides compelling evidence that Diversity unleashes innovation and drives market growth – insights that should intensify efforts to ensure that leaders embody and accept the power of difference. Most managers receive that employers benefit from a diverse workforce.

Still, this benefit is difficult to prove or quantify, especially when measuring how Diversity affects a company’s ability to innovate. In one of McKinsey’s reports about Diversity, they found that companies committed to gender diversity in their leadership teams are more competitive and have above-average profitability of 21%. They are also 27% more likely to outperform their peers in long-term value creation.


It is estimated that closing the gender gap will add $2.8 trillion to the global economy by 2025, increasing by 26%. Put, companies and society are likely to grow and prosper as women gain greater financial independence. With differing perspectives on customer needs and product improvements, the well-being of companies promotes better business.

When companies discover, support and promote diverse and inclusive jobs, they benefit from advantages beyond optics. Businesses have the transformative power to change and contribute to a more open, diverse and inclusive society.

Supporting the diversity barometer shift means ensuring that your leadership team has a strong balance of men, women, and people from different backgrounds.


Changes can help bring balance and Diversity through the ranks if cultural differences are adopted.

Women are an essential part of the gaming industry, and there are many ways to make sure they feel included; and we need to take a proactive approach to this issue to make a change happen.

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