Hakem Jalad now online from Maysalward!

If this phrase takes you back to the times at school when you used to play Hakem Jalad in class rooms, breaks, playgrounds, or in the streets of your neighbourhood, you must play this version of Hakem Jalad on Facebook. Hakem Jalad is a very well known childhood game in the MENA region and especially […]

Can you Fifty using three disks?

We are proud to announce the release of  our latest iOS® title, ‘50’. Behind its unique and very short name lies a simplistic but very addicting game in which the objective is to achieve a perfect score of 50 points. Inspired by a very old popular game from days gone by, a game that history […]

We just love Trix!

Trix is one of the most popular games in the MENA region, this cards game is usually played in cafes, gatherings, and hangouts. Trix is played by four people using a 52-card pack without jokers, to begin the session, the cards are shuffled, cut and dealt out to the four players, so that each player has […]

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