Augmented Reality Coloring Book

The coloring is necessary, both in the lives of children and in the lives of adults. Why is coloring so necessary? The Coloring will help in Self-expression, Color recognition, Coordination, Coordination, Focus, Understanding Boundaries…etc, and A Lot of Self Development Benefits.
But This Real World real-world activity became unexciting for our kids ? with the presence of more engaging tools such as digital devices and Smartphones.

Therefore, Maysalward launched the Magic Painting Application where the App will bridge between real-world activities and digital enhancements the new technologies are offering to our kids. Making Coloring more Engaging and Fun.

The App-based on live texturing process that applies the captured texture from a 2-D colored drawing and turning it into a 3-D character in real-time

The Magic Painting is an augmented reality coloring book App in which children color characters in a printed coloring book and examine their work using a mobile device. The drawing is detected and tracked and augmented with an animated 3-D version of the character textured according to the child’s coloring.

Download Free from Both Google Play and the AppStore

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